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Dr. Catherine Boland

As a human being, we are born into the family of sacred Earth. With this blessed body comes the honor of this divine dance. Every being is of divine origins and in this magical realm of spirit and matter; we get to walk these soils, exploring our divinity…in…form. We get to explore and experience the cosmos from the vantage point of Earth. On this mystical journey, we summons our courage and walk into the mystery of the Universe as it is ever unfolding on Mama Earth.

With our bodies comes a sense of separation. This is part of the experience of individuation. This is the dance of physical life. We are individuated and this simply means we are each a completely unique vibrational expression…we are each a once in the lifetime of the universe…here to give birth to our fullest potential. We can be and indeed are still deeply connected within the web of life as a unique expression, as a human being.

As a species we have become overly domesticated. We have been socialized into a perspective of duality that says power comes through an external authority. Our cultural myths, which shape our collective perspective of reality, are now being spun by marketing firms and in boardrooms. The spin is that something outside of self is what grows one’s power. We have been socialized into an ego basis of reality. However, in truth the act of seeking wisdom outside of self is a loss of power. Power comes from within. The feminine spark of spirit within us is the seed of wisdom that informs our being. Soul and Spirit are what direct our physical incarnation. It is what the human journey is all about.

Albert Einstein says, “The intuitive mind is the sacred gift and the rational mind is the faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” We have forgotten and lost our relationship with Spirit. The myth of our culture is that the spirit and soul-based path is otherworldly and impractical. However, in reality, being human is about spending time on Earth as spirit in…form. The spirit path is the primary function of our human life.

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live. ~ Goethe

We have an innate longing for deep relationship with spirit and the sacred. Yet, with the loss of the mystical basis of reality, direct union with the sacred, the innate longings of connection are no longer understood. So a healthy context for the longings is lost. People walk in the world of illusionary duality and are constantly disappointed that they are not truly seen and nourished. The deep hunger to have spirit…our power…acknowledged and understood continues to grow in an ego context.

The Tree of Life intuitive work is meant to support individuals learning again to recognize their own sacred imagery and connect with their own sacred landscape. It is to help one to remember and grow relationship with Spirit and Soul, as it is personal for them. The intention of this work is to support an individual in cultivating and accessing connection with their inner wisdom. This is genuine power. It is becoming whole. This healthy inner connection is the necessary foundation for growing healthy relationships with others. We are here as human beings to create ourselves as Spirit and Soul…in…form. This is the call of the human journey. What is fundamental to learning about Spirit and Soul is the cultivation of consciousness, which comes through our intuitive sense of awareness. Our intuitive awareness is the primordial language of relationship and connection for all of existence, throughout the ages.

This perspective of duality, separation with consciousness, is wired into one’s energetic system. A way that the Tree of Life Intuitive Consulting supports healing is by helping to clear this wiring and restoring the healing wisdom of connection with one’s consciousness. This restores the integrity of one’s energetic system. During a healing, we access the guidance of your own healing wisdom and work with the energy of intention to support the integration of your own unique energy. This inherently deepens your own sense awareness of you the Spirit and Soul.

Another part of restoring your integrity is reclaiming your energy and bringing it home to you. People often find that their energy is truly all over the place. By reclaiming your energy, you have it to fuel your healing dreams and visions you choose to make manifest. You have your energy to express your genuine purpose. The roots of this work are the laying of a new foundation for health and vitality and awakening with Sacred Earth by connecting you with your physical body…where the memory of truth and belonging are much alive.