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Dr. Catherine Boland

Dr. Catherine Boland

About Dr. Catherine Boland

In 1994 Catherine completed a 620-hour bodywork training at Heartwood Institute in Garberville California. This program was a residential program where the relationship between Body-Mind-Spirit was integrated throughout the curriculum. Her areas of specialization were Swedish, Deep Tissue, Clinical Sports Massage and Integrative Massage.

As a child, Catherine came to know the healing power of Nature in an experiential way. While at Heartwood living in the mountains she had an opportunity to experience living in a more earth and human centered way. She had an opportunity to live in a way with Earth that was inherently healing rather than depleting. She learned, first hand, the healing power of Earth to transform us. It was an opportunity to come to know the body, as it is an expression of Earth, and what it needs for vitality. This way of working with Earth and Nature came to inform her work as a body worker and as an intuitive. It was her experience as a bodyworker that lead her to want to deepen her understanding of the way we operate as energetic beings and how to effect at the energetic level.

Tree of Life ConsultingAfter three years of exploring and studying many different shamanic traditions, she also found and completed a six–year in-depth intuitive training called Personal Energetics Management. This program is the study of the intuitive art and science of managing life energy wisely for Mind-Body health, balance & Transformation. In addition to the core curriculum, she also completed several graduate seminars including Causal Level Agreements, Self Awareness as a Healing Issue, Creativity and Manifestation, Endocrine Systems Role in Spiritual Development, The Role of the Periphery Nervous System in integrating insight, and Healing Children. Within this program she refined her capacity to effect healing energy through intention and she explored consciously navigating the intuitive landscape in a balanced way.

Simultaneously, Dr. Boland received her doctorate degree from the University of Creation Spirituality, a program studying the science and spirituality of Mysticism and the New Cosmology. Her research and dissertation were focused on the role of intuition in Mysticism and the embodiment of sacred insight.

Here she explored how through intuitive development one can come to know…and sense again…a direct connection with the Sacred. In cultivating this sense awareness, the Sacred can be experienced in a way that is deeply personal and unique to the individual.

My own life has been a dance of sacred alchemy, the mystics journey diving deep into the pain of unconsciousness and finding the way back to the center, the dance of soul and body. The mystic’s path informs my inner and outer work, it is such and honor to participate with it in every way. I am in awe of life with Mama Earth and grateful to be here at this time. It is my intention to support others on a similar journey and an honor to do so.