About The Work

About The Work

Everything is composed of energy. The subtle layers inform the more dense layers of the physical. This work supports at the interface of the subtle layers of ones being and the denser layers of physicality. Some reasons an individual may seek out the work are a chronic illness, emotional issues or relationship challenges. Some want support to find their path and purpose more clearly. Others want to heal and know, in body, their direct relationship with the Sacred as its unique to them. Others are waking up to the healing presence of mama Earth. People are interested in the work because it looks at the person as a whole energetic being. This work looks at the issue at hand and the core wiring that is impacting the issue. It goes beyond the story into the wiring that is generating the challenge. Then informed by healing guidance and working with the energy of intention, we work to heal your energetic system by integrating the healing wisdom throughout its many layers. The essence of this work is to restore energetic boundaries and so it restores the integrity of your energetic being. This is how we become whole. It is the key to health at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of our being.

The heart is the guide here and reveres the confidential nature of one’s sacred journey. The purpose of healing is to integrate the wisdom throughout the whole being. This is inclusive of the emotional and cellular level of being, so there needs to be a deep respect for the voice and timing of the emotional and physical aspects of the individual. As a bodyworker since 1994, Catherine has come to recognize and honor the distinctive needs and timing for physical and emotional integration. She brings this consciousness to the intuitive work she facilitates.

When receiving a consultation, it is recommended you find a private space in your home. You may want to have a cup of tea or water…it is time for you to simply relax and receive. People often like to have a notebook or journal to take notes. You may notice you feel more relaxed during a healing and may sense subtle energetic movement. For a few days following a session… you will find it helpful to give yourself more rest and good hydration, as they are essential parts of the integration process.

Divine Mama Healing:

This work is for men and women and supports helping to heal one’s relationship with Divine Mama. It is healing your own relationship with this archetypal consciousness and the way your relationship to her was impacted by societal programming. It is learning again relationship with the healing presence of Divine love, unconditional love. It is also coming to own a healthy relationship with fierce mama. Our ability to own our fierce power comes through learning to trust Self. It is a power that comes from deep within. It is not a dominant power. It is a power that allows one to hold ones own. This fierce energy allows you to grow your presence on the planet.

Fundamental to healing one’s relationship with Mama is healing connection with Mama Earth. Mama Earth teaches us the way of wisdom on Earth. She is loving mama that can open the gateway again to the sacred terrain as it is expressed here. She can teach us a way of life that is in harmony with our true Nature, a heart-centered way of being.

Some foundational issues related to this archetypal consciousness have to do with a sense of belonging and an ability to receive nourishment. Wounding around these issues runs deep and is expressed at the roots of one’s foundation. The deepest wounds are abandonment and unworthiness that stem from a seeming disconnect from the sacred presence of life around us. Rather than individuating, our collective programming has us disconnecting from our awareness with sacred reality. This is an illusion, an illusion that is so strong it has misshapen our collective relationship with life on Earth. It is an illusion that is falling away.

Conscious Mothering:

The role of mama is such a fundamentally important role. What a huge honor and responsibility to be the gateway through which another births into being. For some time mama’s body is literally home to this child, both in the womb and still for some time after birth. This is such a sacred time in a woman’s life and one of the most life changing rites of passage. Yet, there is so much cultural wounding around the consciousness of mama and so little support for mama’s role. This work supports Mama growing her own healing connection to divine mama. In this relationship, she can grow and deepen her relationship with unconditional Mama love for herself to support her, and to support her in how she mothers.

Conscious Fathering:

Parenting a child is one of the most important roles an adult plays. This work helps men in growing their healing connection with their own wisdom. It is to support men to embody and live more deeply in the sacred for their own healing and to hold that too for their child. It also to support new fathers during this time of transition when family relationship dynamics are changing so significantly as this new being, this child is integrating into the family.

Intuitive Work with Children:

Intuitive support is great for children and their developing nervous systems. The healings are facilitated while the child’s mother; father or the primary caretaker is present on the phone. It is a great way for parents to come to recognize the archetypal patterning unique to the child so they can better understand their child’s needs and how to more effectively guide them. The work supports the child by integrating patterning that is in alignment with their unique healing wisdom.

Intuitive Work with Non-human Animals, i.e. cats dog, etc.:

I have worked often with non-human family members, cats, dogs, chickens, etc. This work can be helpful in support of any physical or emotional challenge. People often find the intuitive work can help them understand how they can support their non-human family more effectively. Every being is on a profound journey and this work supports that journey, whether in human form or dog form or cat form and so on.