Rates / Policies / FAQ

Rates, Policies & FAQs

Consultation fees:

60-minute session: $95.00
75-minute session: $115.00
90-minute session: $140.00

Sliding scale is available.
A consultation can be either in person or by phone.

Cancellation Policy:

The scheduling of an appointment reserves time specifically for you, please give me a full 24- hour notice for cancellation of an appointment. The full fee is charged without this prior notification.

Check-in Between Sessions:

From time to time existing clients feel the need to contact me between sessions and that is certainly available. A brief check in may be appropriate, for the sake of clarity, brief being anything under 15 minutes.  Anything that exceeds 15 minutes will be considered as a consultation and billed accordingly.

Payment Policy:

Please make payments to PayPal or by mailing a check prior to your session.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an intuitive consultation?

Intuitive Consulting is a particular training…it is an in-depth training learning the anatomy of the energetic terrain and how to work with universal energies consciously.  It is learning to affect an individuals personal energetic system for greater health and vitality working with universal energy within this landscape. An intuitive training is taught through meditation. Books may be an adjunct, as this form of study is inclusive of the intellect, but is not an intellectual pursuit. As a bodyworker integrating my intuitive studies into my bodywork practice as well, my focus was on how the more subtle layers of one’s unique personal energetic system were in relationship with the cellular level. It was also how to work with universal energy in a way that is healing, balancing, and digestible at a cellular level.

What is the difference between an intuitive reading and a psychic reading?

Let me clarify by saying I have met practitioners who call themselves psychics, who are functioning as intuitives and vise versa.  However, in general terms, an intuitive healing is focused more on healing connection with Self.  It is more focused on integrative healing.  While the psychic will give you specific directives, they function more as an intermediary.

The intention of this work is to facilitate healing that supports the individual growing more deeply in relationship with their unique expression of power.  You may have a question and we support you healing what you need too to receive greater clarity as to your own answer. This is honoring your power and supporting you growing your relationship to it, rather than seeking to be an intermediary to it.

I have something going on physically, do you diagnose?

It is not the scope of this work to diagnose disease in allopathic terms. Allopathic medicine is its own modality.  It is its own field of study, the study of pathology, and so it has its own lens on health. This work views health through a different framework so the context is completely different. When working with individuals healing a major illness, it is often as part of a team.  Clients may also work with acupuncturists, allopathic doctors, naturopaths, osteopaths, etc. I respect the value of the many different approaches to healing.