I am healthier, wiser and more grounded thanks to my consultations with Catherine. She shares her profound and unfailing connection with the healing wisdom of the universe to help me to clear away layers of worn out and limiting patterns of energy. She is reliable, kind, honest and perceptive. Plus she has a great sense of humor, which is more important that you might think in her line of work. I often recommend Catherine to friends who feel stuck in life and to those who want to reach deeper into their own healing wisdom. — L.A. Oakland, CA

Honesty may sound like hyperbole, but I have experienced such deep and enduring physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth that I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Anyone seeking to shift the patterns that hold them in pain or confusion will be met with a warm loving clarity in Catherine’s powerful but lighthearted healing.

Some patterns I was aware of and wanted to change—but could not seem to no matter how much I thought or delved into the emotions. Catherine’s work goes where I could not seem to (at least so far) on my own. I can let go of things that used to trap me in exhausting mental and emotional circles. Old, deep-seated feelings of loss, anger, neglect, betrayal have been released. Physical pain that I lived with for decades has dissolved. But the most amazing changes I did not expect: I laugh more, especially at myself; I don’t immediately react when other people’s ‘stuff’ comes at me and I can let go of anger and pain more quickly. But the real surprise has been the change in other people. Certain types of interactions just seem transformed. I was prepared to have to accept responsibility for my reactions to others, but I didn’t expect a shift in others without them being in therapy with me. Ok, I still don’t know how this is possible but it does show me the objective everyday results of changing my energy even when my actions do not seem much different.

Bottom line: I finally feel like I am able to become the person I want to be. I am less anxious and needing to control events and people. I am more compassionate without getting caught up in other people’s drama. I can choose more wisely where to invest my energy–and now it is a choice! It is a life-long journey, but I am learning to act without knowing what is going to happen next. I can look back with serenity and gratitude. I look forward with increasing trust . . . and awe. — A. H., Sebastopol, CA

Dr. Boland’s consulting work helps clients recognize the connection between their hearts and their souls in a grounded, intuitive way. Her work goes beyond conventional talk therapy; rather, it focuses on a person’s energetic plane to align it with real consciousness and interpersonal relationships. I have sent many patients to Dr. Boland when I see that their emotional development is stuck, even after years of therapeutic inquiry. Dr. Boland helps them return to what they know is the right path for them. — Laura A. James, ND, FABNO

Catherine has been instrumental in helping me to heal an incurable cancer. She has taught me that we CAN heal ourselves. The power is within us we just need support. Someone to open the door and say, “You can do this. I’m here to help. Now step through.” Without her, my journey would be much more dark and scary. I hope to have healings with Catherine for a very long time! — S.R., Bellingham WA

I’ve been working with Catherine Boland on a once a month basis for the past 6 months. Her work is a bit inexplicable yet I find myself wanting to try and put the changes I feel into words. This work is not like psychotherapy even though it is very therapeutic. It feels really different. It feels cellular. Deep, powerful and really profound. I’m not the same person I was 6 months ago. I have more inner peace, more self-acceptance. Less sweating the small stuff. More ability to feel faithful in the way life unfolds and how I am with it all. The big stuff is still big and hard but, I’m trusting it will get easier with time. When I’m faced with situations that used to trigger really old, unhealthy patterns in me I am (at least part of the time) able to respond in a way that feels more grounded and less out of balance than before. I see Catherine on my day off so that I can spend hours afterwards puttering around and letting the work settle in and integrate. I couldn’t recommend her or her work more highly! As a seasoned practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine I have been around a lot of healers and healing modalities and I have to say, Catherine’s work is truly remarkable. I love my sessions with her and look forward to them all month. I’m so grateful to have met her and had the opportunity to work with her. — Sincerely, Laurel Brody L.ac.

I would highly recommend Dr Catherine Boland. As a flower essence practitioner and remote energy healer myself, Dr Boland is one of the few people I will allow to work on me. She is clear and respectful. After 2 sessions I feel more energetically stable and protected and am able to do my work more effectively. — D. P., WA